Positive Effects Of Anabolic Steroids

Anabolic steroids are synthetic compounds that are popularly known to promote the growth of skeleton muscles, and medical experts use them to treat problems related to muscle loss, hormone deficiency, and late puberty.  Athletes and bodybuilders also use anabolic steroids to enhance athletic performance and increase muscle growth. Individuals administer these compounds through ingestible pills or steroid injections.

Nonetheless, anabolic steroids are popular in same quarters for the wrong reasons, and often it is justifiably so. Abuse of steroids has adverse effects such as addiction, acne, liver damage, and development of secondary sexual characteristics.  While it is important to know the adversarial consequences and their causes, it is equally significant to appreciate the positive results. When the prescribed amounts are administered, anabolic steroids have the following positive results:

Increase Muscle Size

A major positive effect of steroids is that they increase the muscles size of users. These chemical compounds multiply the amount of nitrogen in the body, which consequently facilitate higher production of protein. Studies have established that protein is a critical factor in the development of muscles.

Increase Recovery Times

Anabolic steroids also enhance recovery time dramatically.  The compounds regulate the amount of cortisol when an individual is stressed. This hormone is responsible for helping people to recover from sustained injuries significantly faster than normal. Also, it allows more stamina when a person is exercising.

An Accelerator of the Production of Red Blood Cells

A high concentration of red blood cells directly enables the body to carry a significant amount of oxygen.  The body becomes more active when it has a high oxygen carrying capacity than when it has a small capacity. This effect of anabolic steroids, in effect, means the drug can treat anemia and provide numerous benefits for the body.

Greatly Improve Athletic Performance

After using steroids, users experience more energy and stamina levels. They also find that they do not strain while training and have a higher ability to push towards greater limits. The user feels an unprecedented intensity.

A Solution for Males Experiencing Sexual Performance Problems

Through the testosterone replacement therapy, physicians can introduce testosterone to male human bodies that are incapable of producing them in the required quantity. The hormones are administered through steroid use. Given that the production of testosterone differs from one person to another, there is no set standard for the amount of this hormone that a body needs to generate. Nonetheless, the therapy has helped many males to improve their performance in bed.

Restore Appetite and Regulate Decreasing Muscle Mass

Doctors buy steroids to HIV-infected and cancer patients. The products help to restore appetite and regulate decreasing muscle mass in these patients. Due to these qualities, HIV positive and cancer patients have the opportunity to be in better health and live positively.


Anabolic steroids treat many medical conditions. These drugs serve many medicating purposes such as treatment of anemia, offering solutions to males suffering from sexual performance problems, restoration of appetite and regulation of decreasing muscle mass, and increasing recovery times. Steroids also help athletes and bodybuilders to achieve their career dreams.


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