A Guide To Buying Anabolic Steroids: Main Effects And Risks

Anabolic steroids are chemical compounds that mimic natural hormones in the human body that regulate how the body works. These drugs tend to be principally misused because they are similar to testosterone, a male hormone. Besides, they can enhance endurance, stimulate the growth of skeleton muscles, and improve performance. Apparently, steroids have many benefits, but abusing them can result in several undesirable outcomes.

Main Effects

Since anabolic steroids enhance endurance and performance, they can help athletes train harder and longer.  For very many years now, the medical researchers have recognized the efficacy of steroids in building muscle and enhancing athletic performance.  According to an assistant professor at St. Louis College of Pharmacy, Philip Wenger, the efficiency of steroids in building muscles and helping people recover from exercises have been proved beyond any doubt. Anabolic steroids also improve muscle growth, facilitate the repair of muscles strain and prolong workouts.

Anabolic steroids also have several medical effects.  They are involved in replacement therapy for men who cannot perform sexually due the lack of adequate testosterone. This hormone is essential for sex drive and the development of primary sex characteristics.

Moreover, medical professionals recommend steroids to HIV-infected individuals and cancer patients to help them lead a better life. The drugs increase their appetite, boost their sense of well-being, and maintain their muscle mass. The drugs used in small amounts may also help prevent swelling of body organs such as kidneys and muscular dystrophy among other muscle wasting diseases. Also, the drugs can be used to enhance bone density. This effect means steroids can help with conditions such as osteoporosis.

Side Effects

The health risks of steroids can make them appear detrimental.  In fact, in some jurisdictions, most anabolic steroids are unlawful. So, users have to do some research to find legal steroids. Most governments have illegalized steroid to protect abusers from the adverse effects. Like any drug, the health risks increases with the dosage and duration of use. The side risks are what make anabolic steroids dangerous, particularly since some of the drugs come from the black market, and the government has no control over their ingredients.

The initial side effects of steroid abuse are increased aggression commonly referred to as “roid rage”, acne, and hair growth.  After a particular period of usage, the body starts to respond progressively to artificial hormones by generating less of its own. Consequently, the testicles shrink and sperm count lower. In some cases, these changes result into infertility. Steroid use can also lead to many other long-term effects.  The compound increases cholesterol, fluid retention, and high blood pressure. These consequences expose users to a greater risk of stroke, heart attack, and abrupt death.


With these adverse effects, one might be concerned whether it is worth taking steroids.  Since even doctors use them to treat certain disease and health conditions, it means individuals can use them as well. However, one should seek doctor advice and abide by it to be safe from the health risks and reap maximally from anabolic steroids.

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