Dude, Do You Even Use Enlargement Creams? 5 Ways To Know You Are THAT Guy

You started out just like everybody else… the skinny guy at the gym who could barely bench a baby squirrel. You never thought you’d see all those goals you set for yourself come to pass – but they did, you’re ripped and here you are. So how do you know that you have finally become THAT stereotypical gym-buff that everybody says they hate but secretly want to be? Well, if you do not know… we have got you covered. These 5 tell-tale signs of making it BIG let you know you’ve finally become the guy who personifies what it means

Your Lifting Veins Have Veins. Seriously Though… Whoa.

You have finally accomplished this feat and you did not even set out to do it… You have become the guy who lifts so hard that he gets a series of veins that only pop out immediately after a workout. Seriously… your veins have veins and it even makes you feel a little weirded out. Don’t worry – it is freaking everybody else out too but after all that adrenaline wears off, you will go back to looking like everybody else… only swol’ up from the flo’ up..

Your Cabinet Has Become the Place Where Supplement Bottles Come to Die.

From anabolic steroids from last year’s competition to protein pills for post workout gain, your cabinet is the place where supplement bottles come to die. You are clearly a bit of a hoarder and the empties usually stay there until your girlfriend tosses them for you. However, it doesn’t take long for your medicine cabinet to become the supplement graveyard again. That’s just how it goes.

You Spend More Money on Weights and Gear Than You Do On Your Apartment.

You might be living in the dankiest apartment in town, eating expired ramen noodles for breakfast and may even be looking at a chalk body outline in your parking lot… but you really do not care where you are as long as you have all the proper lifting equipment. If you do – it feels like home. You spend the majority of your funds on items that keep you lifting and looking good doing it. Obsessed is such an ugly word… but if obsessed feels this good then color you obsessed.

Everyone Assumes You Are the Authority On All Things Gym.

“Dude, what anabolic steroids do you take?”, “How do you use this machine?”, “Is it normal to feel XYZ when I lift?” Because you are now the big guy in the gym everybody thinks you suddenly know everything. It kind of makes you uncomfortable because you really do not know as much as they seem to think… but you just keep nodding your head and smiling until they go away.

Whether you are still hard at work or just trying to maintain all that hard work, becoming THAT guy is something to celebrate. You’ve worked hard. So go ahead and celebrate with a big greasy cheeseburger or 10… just kidding. Go celebrate with 5 sets of deadlifts because you’re THAT go now. Cheeseburgers are against the law.

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