Dude, Do You Even Use Enlargement Creams? 5 Ways To Know You Are THAT Guy

You started out just like everybody else… the skinny guy at the gym who could barely bench a baby squirrel. You never thought you’d see all those goals you set for yourself come to pass – but they did, you’re ripped and here you are. So how do you know that you have finally become THAT stereotypical gym-buff that everybody says they hate but secretly want to be? Well, if you do not know… we have got you covered. These 5 tell-tale signs of making it BIG let you know you’ve finally become the guy who personifies what it means

Your Lifting Veins Have Veins. Seriously Though… Whoa.

You have finally accomplished this feat and you did not even set out to do it… You have become the guy who lifts so hard that he gets a series of veins that only pop out immediately after a workout. Seriously… your veins have veins and it even makes you feel a little weirded out. Don’t worry – it is freaking everybody else out too but after all that adrenaline wears off, you will go back to looking like everybody else… only swol’ up from the flo’ up..

Your Cabinet Has Become the Place Where Supplement Bottles Come to Die.

From anabolic steroids from last year’s competition to protein pills for post workout gain, your cabinet is the place where supplement bottles come to die. You are clearly a bit of a hoarder and the empties usually stay there until your girlfriend tosses them for you. However, it doesn’t take long for your medicine cabinet to become the supplement graveyard again. That’s just how it goes.

You Spend More Money on Weights and Gear Than You Do On Your Apartment.

You might be living in the dankiest apartment in town, eating expired ramen noodles for breakfast and may even be looking at a chalk body outline in your parking lot… but you really do not care where you are as long as you have all the proper lifting equipment. If you do – it feels like home. You spend the majority of your funds on items that keep you lifting and looking good doing it. Obsessed is such an ugly word… but if obsessed feels this good then color you obsessed.

Everyone Assumes You Are the Authority On All Things Gym.

“Dude, what anabolic steroids do you take?”, “How do you use this machine?”, “Is it normal to feel XYZ when I lift?” Because you are now the big guy in the gym everybody thinks you suddenly know everything. It kind of makes you uncomfortable because you really do not know as much as they seem to think… but you just keep nodding your head and smiling until they go away.

Whether you are still hard at work or just trying to maintain all that hard work, becoming THAT guy is something to celebrate. You’ve worked hard. So go ahead and celebrate with a big greasy cheeseburger or 10… just kidding. Go celebrate with 5 sets of deadlifts because you’re THAT go now. Cheeseburgers are against the law.

Positive Effects Of Anabolic Steroids

Anabolic steroids are synthetic compounds that are popularly known to promote the growth of skeleton muscles, and medical experts use them to treat problems related to muscle loss, hormone deficiency, and late puberty.  Athletes and bodybuilders also use anabolic steroids to enhance athletic performance and increase muscle growth. Individuals administer these compounds through ingestible pills or steroid injections.

Nonetheless, anabolic steroids are popular in same quarters for the wrong reasons, and often it is justifiably so. Abuse of steroids has adverse effects such as addiction, acne, liver damage, and development of secondary sexual characteristics.  While it is important to know the adversarial consequences and their causes, it is equally significant to appreciate the positive results. When the prescribed amounts are administered, anabolic steroids have the following positive results:

Increase Muscle Size

A major positive effect of steroids is that they increase the muscles size of users. These chemical compounds multiply the amount of nitrogen in the body, which consequently facilitate higher production of protein. Studies have established that protein is a critical factor in the development of muscles.

Increase Recovery Times

Anabolic steroids also enhance recovery time dramatically.  The compounds regulate the amount of cortisol when an individual is stressed. This hormone is responsible for helping people to recover from sustained injuries significantly faster than normal. Also, it allows more stamina when a person is exercising.

An Accelerator of the Production of Red Blood Cells

A high concentration of red blood cells directly enables the body to carry a significant amount of oxygen.  The body becomes more active when it has a high oxygen carrying capacity than when it has a small capacity. This effect of anabolic steroids, in effect, means the drug can treat anemia and provide numerous benefits for the body.

Greatly Improve Athletic Performance

After using steroids, users experience more energy and stamina levels. They also find that they do not strain while training and have a higher ability to push towards greater limits. The user feels an unprecedented intensity.

A Solution for Males Experiencing Sexual Performance Problems

Through the testosterone replacement therapy, physicians can introduce testosterone to male human bodies that are incapable of producing them in the required quantity. The hormones are administered through steroid use. Given that the production of testosterone differs from one person to another, there is no set standard for the amount of this hormone that a body needs to generate. Nonetheless, the therapy has helped many males to improve their performance in bed.

Restore Appetite and Regulate Decreasing Muscle Mass

Doctors buy steroids to HIV-infected and cancer patients. The products help to restore appetite and regulate decreasing muscle mass in these patients. Due to these qualities, HIV positive and cancer patients have the opportunity to be in better health and live positively.


Anabolic steroids treat many medical conditions. These drugs serve many medicating purposes such as treatment of anemia, offering solutions to males suffering from sexual performance problems, restoration of appetite and regulation of decreasing muscle mass, and increasing recovery times. Steroids also help athletes and bodybuilders to achieve their career dreams.


A Guide To Buying Anabolic Steroids: Main Effects And Risks

Anabolic steroids are chemical compounds that mimic natural hormones in the human body that regulate how the body works. These drugs tend to be principally misused because they are similar to testosterone, a male hormone. Besides, they can enhance endurance, stimulate the growth of skeleton muscles, and improve performance. Apparently, steroids have many benefits, but abusing them can result in several undesirable outcomes.

Main Effects

Since anabolic steroids enhance endurance and performance, they can help athletes train harder and longer.  For very many years now, the medical researchers have recognized the efficacy of steroids in building muscle and enhancing athletic performance.  According to an assistant professor at St. Louis College of Pharmacy, Philip Wenger, the efficiency of steroids in building muscles and helping people recover from exercises have been proved beyond any doubt. Anabolic steroids also improve muscle growth, facilitate the repair of muscles strain and prolong workouts.

Anabolic steroids also have several medical effects.  They are involved in replacement therapy for men who cannot perform sexually due the lack of adequate testosterone. This hormone is essential for sex drive and the development of primary sex characteristics.

Moreover, medical professionals recommend steroids to HIV-infected individuals and cancer patients to help them lead a better life. The drugs increase their appetite, boost their sense of well-being, and maintain their muscle mass. The drugs used in small amounts may also help prevent swelling of body organs such as kidneys and muscular dystrophy among other muscle wasting diseases. Also, the drugs can be used to enhance bone density. This effect means steroids can help with conditions such as osteoporosis.

Side Effects

The health risks of steroids can make them appear detrimental.  In fact, in some jurisdictions, most anabolic steroids are unlawful. So, users have to do some research to find legal steroids. Most governments have illegalized steroid to protect abusers from the adverse effects. Like any drug, the health risks increases with the dosage and duration of use. The side risks are what make anabolic steroids dangerous, particularly since some of the drugs come from the black market, and the government has no control over their ingredients.

The initial side effects of steroid abuse are increased aggression commonly referred to as “roid rage”, acne, and hair growth.  After a particular period of usage, the body starts to respond progressively to artificial hormones by generating less of its own. Consequently, the testicles shrink and sperm count lower. In some cases, these changes result into infertility. Steroid use can also lead to many other long-term effects.  The compound increases cholesterol, fluid retention, and high blood pressure. These consequences expose users to a greater risk of stroke, heart attack, and abrupt death.


With these adverse effects, one might be concerned whether it is worth taking steroids.  Since even doctors use them to treat certain disease and health conditions, it means individuals can use them as well. However, one should seek doctor advice and abide by it to be safe from the health risks and reap maximally from anabolic steroids.

Guide To Buying Legal Anabolic Steroids Online | Buy Steroids

If you want to increase mass, you have probably been researching about the various legal steroids for sale that can help you achieve your mission. For instance, you may have come across information about the most popular anabolic steroid such as Dianabol, Testosterone, Trenbolone, Anavar, among others. You may also be aware of the dosage information, recommended cycles and potential side effects. Finally, you also know whether or not using the steroids pills for sale is legal in your country.

You are also likely to have come across a number of legal anabolic steroids you can use to increase your workout performance and mass. The big question you may now have is, “How do I buy steroids?” Read on for an answer to your question.

Overview of Steroids
 Buy Steroids Online Today!Steroids refer to hormone compounds which can have various effects when introduced in the body. The compounds work in different ways to help your body synthesis proteins better and promote growth of muscle mass. Some steroids also enable the retention of nitrogen in the cells, which leads to production of more oxygen in the cells. As a result, you can work out for longer without getting tired.

Regardless of the oral steroids you want to buy, you should know the recommended dosage . Apart from this, you should follow specific cycles, take the right nutrition and work out as required. Doing all these will ensure you get the best results from the compounds.

Use or abuse of some bodybuilding steroids can lead to some side effects depending on how your body reacts to them. In most cases, the likelihood of side effects increases with your steroid dosage. It is important to start taking legal steroids at the minimum recommended dose and monitor how your body reacts to them. With time, you can increase your dosage if you do not exhibit any side effects.

Potential Side Effects of Using Steroid Pills
Some of the common side effects that can result from using some of the top steroids include:

• Virilization effects (appearance of manly features) e.g., growth of hair on the face and chest, deepening of the voice, increased shoulders, etc. These effects usually show in children and women.
• Androgenic effects such as appearance of acne on the back and baldness. Genetics play a role in the manifestation of these side effects. If you or your family line has a history of getting acne or baldness, then the steroids are likely to accelerate their appearance.
• Loss of appetite, flared tempers and increased aggressive behavior
• Growth of man boobs (gynecomastia).This side effect occurs to those using steroids that are estrogenic.
• Bloated muscles and a watery look. This side effect is experienced by users of steroids that easily aromatize. The person ends up looking “round” due to retention of water in the body.
• Sexual related problems such as inability to get an erection or ejaculate, reducing of the penis and low libido. One of the steroids known for causing these side effects is known as Deca Durabolin.
• Liver, heart and kidney related problem. Some steroids put a lot of stress on the liver and make it unable to function properly. In turn, the liver, heart and kidney may be affected and various problems occur.
• Use of some steroids can lead to the risk of getting high blood pressure. This side effect is usually experience by people who use steroids known to increase the production of red blood cells in the body.

Now that you have known the possible side effects of taking steroids, you should know what to do to avoid them.

The best way to avoid the side effects is by using natural steroids. This means following the recommended dosage, stacking the best legal steroids with others where need be, and sticking to a required cycle. You should also put in the workout required and eat well to enjoy the full benefits of the steroids.

Another way of avoiding the side effects is by using legal steroid pills. There are many legal steroids you can buy on the Internet. These steroids are approved by the FDA and have no side effects when used correctly. The steroids are derived from the same hormones used to make the fast-acting illegal steroids, but have been modified to ensure they don’t result to side effects. The modification of the steroids also makes them weaker than the banned steroids.

Buy Legal Steroids Online
If you search for any anabolic steroid pills in health fitness stores or online, chances are that the compound will be available under different brand names. You can also find some steroids in the underground market. However, you should steer clear from buying them. You can never be sure of the integrity of the ingredients used to make those pills. To get the best oral steroid on the Internet, choose those from well-known manufacturers.

However, you can also get scammed when looking to buy legal steroids online. Therefore, it is important to research well before placing an order. Below are some tips to consider before buying steroid pills for sale on the Internet.

i) Product Quality
The quality of the product is one of the things you should check. In fact, it’s the most important. If a steroid is not good quality, you should not waste your money buying it. A low quality steroid will not lead to the results you want.

Before you buy steroids for sale, find out about the company behind it. The company should have been in the market for a number of years and be known for producing quality supplements. You can also search for reviews of the best steroids. The best place to search for reviews is at reputable online bodybuilding forums. Find out whether other members in the forums know of the top steroid you can buy in the market.

ii) Non-Prescription
Another thing to check is whether there is a prescription for the steroid tablets. If a steroid is sold with prescription, chances are that it is not approved by the FDA. Illegal steroids have to be taken by following prescriptions due to their well-known side effects.

If you want to buy steroids online, check the usage instructions on the website. If the instructions require you follow a specific prescription, avoid buying the steroid. The last thing you want is to put your body at risk for suffering some of the serious side effects of using illegal steroids.

You should be sure of the legal steroid you are buying. If you have any doubts, do not fear to ask the seller questions.

iii) Shipping Time and Cost
Check that the online store where you want to buy steroids ships to your location. The shipping should also be timely and inexpensive. Most stores ship the best steroid supplements for free.

You should also check the location of the store where you are buying the steroids. Generally, you should go with shops that are located in the US or UK. You may also come across stores that are in Eastern Europe, especially in the former Soviet Union. Avoid importing steroids from such shops as their may not be guaranteed. Moreover, the steroids can take weeks to reach you.

Follow the above guide when looking to muscle building steroids on the Internet.

From The Starting Line

One of the best activities from an athletic standpoint, a physical fitness standpoint and a weight loss standpoint is the activity of running. However, while just about every person born is born with the ability to run, you can tell by the guts on some of these people as they age that running was the furthest thing in their thoughts on an average day. With that being said, what you are reading right here is all about some pointers on those who are looking to get back into the activity of running and those who will be running for what seems like the first time.

Tip #1: Get The Right Running Shoes

This one should be something that everybody who runs does, but shockingly enough, not everybody does and it is a common mistake made by many. This is also a task that is better done at a smaller shoe store company than a big box location, mainly due to the fact that while big box stores have a larger selection, the smaller stores have more time for the individual and you could get fitted for a shoe properly. Also, keep in mind that you want a fitted shoe because when you get serious about your running, you are going to want to be as comfortable as possible.

Tip #2: Join A Group

While anybody can usually run alone and do so successfully, it is usually much more fun and studies have shown that running in groups have produced better results for all involved than when people run alone. The best part about that is that the more people you can add to your group, the more folks outside of yourself will start achieving their fitness goals.

Tip #3: Develop A Plan

While the basics of running are pretty well known to just about everybody, each person is different and their goals will all be different as well. The best thing to do for those goals is to plan out what your goals are, then come up with a time frame in which you want to achieve those goals, then you will finally know what you will have to be doing on route to attaining those fitness goals.

Tip #4: The Hydration Station

If there is anything that is potentially more crucial than setting goals as you start your running experience, it is to make sure that you are properly hydrated before, during and after you start your daily run. This can be accomplished by drinking plenty and plenty of water, which is something that you should be doing whether you are running or just sitting in the recliner.

Tip #5: Rest And Relaxation

While we can all agree that running is one of the most physically enduring and best methods for attain perfect physical fitness, there is something you should be doing in between all of that running to ensure that your body stays in peak shape and that is to take the proper amounts of rest. The usual recommendation is to rest one day in between runs, so essentially you are doing a day of running that is followed by a day of resting. There are other workout plans as well that involve running with different kinds of rest periods, so what you just read is a basic example of how to rest your body while going through a running routine.

The activity of running can be one of the best physical activities to both stay in shape and to melt away the fat, plus with the tips you have just been giving, there should be nothing stopping you from running towards your goals now.